For your convenience, our website provides an opportunity to make payments with several types of Bank card payment systems. Payment cards are accepted: MIR, VISA Inc, MasterCard WorldWide.
To pay for the service by bank card, select the payment method: by bank card.
If your card is connected to the 3D-Secure service, you will be automatically redirected to the page of the bank that issued the card to undergo the authentication procedure. For information about the rules and methods of additional identification, check with the Bank that issued you a bank card.
The security of processing Internet payments through the bank’s payment gateway is guaranteed by the PCI DSS international security certificate. Information is transmitted using SSL encryption technology. This information is not available to outsiders.
Tips and recommendations on the necessary security measures for making payments using a bank card:

  1. Take care of your plastic cards the same way you take care of cash. Don’t forget them in the car, restaurant, shop, etc.
  2. Never give your bank card details, as well as codes/passwords received in SMS/Push notifications to third parties or companies.
  3. Always have at hand a phone number for emergency communication with the bank that issued your card, and in case of its loss or receipt of SMS about blocking / debiting / attempts to conduct an operation without your consent, contact the bank immediately.
  4. Enter the card details only when making a purchase. Never specify them for any other reasons.


The consumer’s right to terminate the service agreement is regulated by Article 32 of the Federal Law “On Consumer Rights Protection”.

  • The consumer has the right to terminate the service agreement at any time by paying the contractor a part of the price in proportion to the part of the service rendered before receiving notice of termination of the specified contract and reimbursing the contractor for the expenses incurred by him up to that moment for the purpose of fulfilling the contract, if they are not included in the specified part of the service price.
  • If the consumer discovers the shortcomings of the rendered service, he has the right to demand, at his own choice:
    безвозмезд gratuitous elimination of deficiencies;
  • corresponding price reduction;
    возмещения reimbursement of expenses incurred by him to eliminate deficiencies on his own or by third parties.
  • The consumer has the right to make claims related to the shortcomings of the service provided, if they are found during the warranty period, and in its absence within a reasonable time, within two years from the date of acceptance of the service provided.
  • The contractor is responsible for the shortcomings of the service for which the warranty period is not established, if the consumer proves that they arose before its acceptance by him or for reasons that arose before that moment.


In case of lawful refusal of the service for objective reasons, the Company undertakes to refund the Payer. The refund is made to the Payer’s bank card from which the payment was made or to the same payment details with which the funds were credited to the Company’s account.